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What We Do


At the Nicholson Group, it is all about people and relationships. We work closely with highly motivated people to build strong relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect.

Much more than just investment partners, we work with you to develop and grow the business helping you to gain the maximum benefit from your enterprise, vision and hard work. We specialise in early stage investment for SMEs, typically investing between £20,000 and £200,000 in private companies that meet our criteria.

For investments over £200,000, we work with our panel of high net worth individuals and private equity principles and partners, to create an investment strategy that fits the strategic needs of both your business and the investors.



At Nicholson Group, we research extensively to build a thorough understanding and attain background knowledge of the businesses we buy to ensure utmost success. Whether a retirement sale, profitable business purchase or distressed purchase we ensure that the acquisition process is conducted with speed and professionalism throughout.

Our retirement sale service ensures continuous growth and development of the businesses we buy, so the owner can retire safe in the knowledge that the business will continue to thrive.

Profitable business purchase is another of our specialisms. We can buy businesses outright or use our extensive knowledge and experience to support a management team buy out.

Additionally, we consider distressed purchases, working with receivers and insolvency practitioners to buy businesses that we can re-structure and drive forward.



Our experienced Executive Board provide continuous tailored support to the management teams of each of our individual companies.

We work alongside the management team to contribute to the development of the business and provide step-by-step guidance to improve efficiency and direction.

We focus on key areas including operations, sales and marketing, and strategy and professional development ensuring that the management team has all the support it needs in order to succeed.

The Nicholson group’s proactive approach aims to create significant growth in the businesses we are involved in. To do this we strengthen the management team enabling the business to direct its focus on assets to benefit the company. Whilst the management team is in charge of day-to-day procedures, our Non-Executive Directors remain actively involved in strategy development and implementation.

Our goal is to utilise our specialist knowledge and expertise to do everything in our power to ensure the company is successful.


Start-up Support

Starting a business can be daunting, but with some intensive support in the early stages getting a new business up and running becomes much easier. We are experienced business professionals and understand what it takes to start up and grow a successful business. We can work with you every step of the way and help with;

  • Finance – start up funding and access to grants
  • Business planning and financial forecasting
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Operations management
  • Professional development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Incubator Workspace

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